6 indicators that it’s time to relocate offices

Moving the office to a bigger or more modern one is a giant step. How do you know when it’s time to make a move? Here are six signs that inform the moving decision.

1. The lease expires soon

If there is little time left on the office lease, it’s probably time to question whether it’s better to renew the lease or move on.

2. An overcrowded office

Do you have too many employees packed into a small office space, with no desks available for new employees? That’ll be enough to make it time to move to bigger offices.

3. The business is growing

If the business is expanding and the offices won’t be large enough to deal with new business opportunities, it’s probably time to move.

4. Running out of storage space

If there is little storage space left for filing cabinets, archives and office supplies, you may be able to temporarily use outside storage facilities or think about moving offices.

5. The offices and facilities are tired

Working in a tired building with peeling paint, broken doors and inadequate faculties is not good for staff morale. It’s time to move to a modern office.

6. The location is hard to reach

If the offices are a long way from a town or city, it may be difficult to attract top talent who are put off by a difficult commute.

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