7 steps to pack and move desktop computers

When it’s time to move offices, it’s important to move the desktop computers safely and securely. Don’t just arrive unprepared with a cardboard box on moving day. In this blog, we’ve provided seven steps you can follow to do the computer moving job properly.

1. Back-up

Even if you backup to cloud storage, it’s worth saving the data on the hard disk to an external hard drive separate from the computer for maximum security.

2. Shut down and disconnect

Make sure your computer is fully shut down before you unplug it along with the monitor. Ensure to disconnect any peripherals, including the keyboard, mouse and web camera.

3. Wrap and label cords

Organise your individual cords, perhaps by labelling them, then carefully pack them so that they don’t get tangled.

4. Obtain packing materials

Unless you have the original packing the computer came in, you will need appropriately sized boxes and bubble wrap to protect the computer and monitor. Packing tape, packing paper and a marker to label the boxes are useful.

5. Pack accessories separately

Wrap each accessory separately in bubble wrap and place them in a box. Fill any empty box space with packing paper.

6. Pack and wrap your monitor and computer

Wrap the computer and put it in a sturdy box. Make sure that the monitor screen is protected and packed in a separate box.

7. Get help

For office removals in Merseyside, reach out to our team at Merseyside Movers and Storers to move your computers to your new location. Alternatively, forget about doing steps one to six yourself and we’ll pack and move all your computers and other office equipment for you.