The eight-week pre-moving checklist you need before relocating

In order to have a stress-free moving day, it is crucial to be well prepared and create checklists of necessary tasks. The following is a recommended list of things that should be done at least eight weeks prior to the move.

Create a digital folder

Gather all documents and files related to the move into one folder. If possible, scan them and store digital copies online using services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Establish a moving budget

Make an exhaustive list of all expenses associated with the move, including costs for removal companies, transportation for you and your family, as well as refreshment expenses during transit. It may also be beneficial to keep some cash on hand for small purchases.

Evaluate your new home’s accessibility

Ensure that the new home can accommodate large moving vans by checking if the streets are wide enough and whether there is adequate parking space available nearby.

Arrange time off from work

Even when moving over non-work weekends, taking time off work will give you time to organize your new home more effectively after the move.

Dispose of unnecessary items

Declutter by selling or giving away items that are rarely used and don’t need to come to the new home.

Hire removal services well ahead of time

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