Eco tips for a greener move

Relocating to a new home marks the beginning of a fresh life chapter, yet it is not without an ecological impact. However, there are various ways to reduce this environmental effect.

Firstly, minimize cardboard wastage by using used cardboard boxes for packing. You can acquire these from local retailers who are happy to dispose of their surplus boxes. After the move, either recycle them or keep them for future use. Take advantage of containers you already possess such as suitcases, shopping bags or backpacks.

Go for eco-friendly alternatives instead of using non-biodegradable plastic bubble wrap when packing fragile items. Clothing articles like towels, t-shirts and socks can provide good cushioning protection for delicate items.

Show consideration towards those moving into your former residence by ensuring that it is in a clean condition before vacating. You probably want to clean your new home before unpacking. Consider using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Before you unpack at your new home, you may need to eat and drink before the kitchen is ready. Avoid using single use disposable items such as plastic water bottles and paper plates. Arrange for an essential items box to be packed with enough ready-to-eat food, plates, cutlery, mugs and water bottles for the whole family.

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