Greener homes causing more people to relocate

In response to the recent surge in energy costs, it is anticipated that a greater number of individuals will migrate towards eco-friendly residences by 2024.

Research conducted by Redrow, a prominent house builder, has revealed that roughly one-quarter (26%) of homeowners are contemplating relocating to a more energy-efficient home to reduce their energy expenses. Although moving can often be a scary prospect for people, these eco-friendly advantages are encouraging people to take the plunge.

Year after year, more people emphasise the importance of energy efficiency when searching for a new home. A low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating can deter many potential buyers from investing in a property.

To address this issue, some developers are constructing more eco-friendly housing units equipped with energy-saving features such as heat pumps and underfloor heating. According to home builder Redrow, homeowners who purchase one of their energy-efficient properties may save approximately £135 per month on reduced utility bills.

In the rented sector, the government is urging landlords to guarantee that their rental accommodations have EPC ratings of no less than E. However, tenants residing in low-rated homes may prefer moving to accommodation with better than E-rated EPC instead.

Of course, the cost of moving can be expensive, so it may take a while for the energy savings of the new home to have an impact on the monthly cost of living. Whatever the reason for moving home, for house removals in the Merseyside region, talk to us at Merseyside Movers & Storers. We’ll give you a competitive quote for moving your belongings to your new home.