Home working and staff retention is driving office relocations

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, there has been a large increase in employees now working from home.

Well over two thirds (39%) of UK adults now work remotely at least once during a seven-day period, and in London, this figure is higher, with half of employees regularly working from home. This trend has resulted in many businesses having excess office space, and to reduce costs, many organisations are now choosing to move into smaller premises.

Retaining experienced and talented staff can be a significant challenge for employers. One way to address this issue is by providing superior working environments with premium facilities such as gyms, better catering services, and recreational areas equipped with pool tables or video games.

Renovating the existing office may not be practical, especially in older or rented properties, so the solution is to move to a better building. Another advantage of relocating to modern office buildings is improved energy efficiency and better environmental credentials that staff may value.

A desirable office location near a park or convenient public transportation can also attract and retain employees.

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