How to make moving more environmentally friendly

There’s a lot to think about and organize when moving home or relocating the office. However, it’s easy to forget environmental issues linked with removals.

The first thing to look at is packaging. The most convenient way to move items is to pack them in cardboard boxes.

What happens to the boxes after you move?

Many people throw them away after a single use. Most boxes can be used again, or the cardboard can be recycled. Don’t put the cardboard in the bin with the general household rubbish that ends up in a landfill site.

Instead of using environmentally unfriendly plastic bubble wrap to protect delicate items, use biodegradable eco bubble wrap.

Before the moving day, there is usually time to sort out items to decide what is not needed. It is tempting to throw away unwanted goods, but if something is in good condition, recycle it by giving it away, selling it or sending it to a charity shop. Books, clothing, bric-a -brac and other items can find new owners. Computers and other office IT equipment that does not work or is out of date can be collected by a specialist recycler who extract copper wires and other components that have value.

To help offset the carbon emissions of the removal vans, you can donate to a tree planting charity.

Merseyside Removers & Storers is a trusted Liverpool removal company with knowledge of sustainable issues in the moving industry. We can answer your questions on the subject if you need.