How to move a tropical fish tank and its inhabitants

Cats and dogs are the most common pets, and they are relatively easy to move to a new home. However, if you belong to an increasing number of households with a tropical fish tank, relocating it along with its contents can be more complicated.

Small to medium-sized fish can be transported in bags obtained from pet shops that sell tropical fish. To prevent punctures, all you need to do is use double bags. Fill one-third of the bags with water or use half water and half pure oxygen. Some tropical fish sellers will do this for you.

Larger fish, however, should be moved in buckets or tubs placed inside polystyrene shipping containers that maintain an appropriate temperature for them. If these big fish are travelling long distances during hot weather conditions, battery-operated air pumps must be used inside their containers.

When moving tanks, ensure they are unplugged and cool before removing any pumps or filtration equipment. The ideal way of transporting non-fish items like plants, gravel and rocks is by using five-gallon buckets with a fitted lid filled up with water to keep everything damp. Siphon off all remaining water in the tank.

Make sure that the floor of the new home can support the heavy weight of the tank and its contents.

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