How to move glass

Glass is a useful and versatile material, but it has one major drawback which is self-evident when you drop a glass object – it is fragile and easily broken. This means that you need to be extra careful when packing glass ready for moving home.

Make sure that you have enough packing materials. Bubble wrap, towels and newspaper are good for protecting glass. Packing tape is useful, and be sure to use markers to label boxes with their contents.

It is better to pack glass objects in medium sized boxes rather than large ones that can get too heavy and difficult to lift. Crumple up several sheets of newspaper and cover the bottom of the box with them or use towels.

Start with heavy glass items, wrapping them fully in towels or bubble wrap secured with packing tape. Place these in the box with lighter wrapped glass items on top of them.

When packing wine glasses, wrap the stems first before the rest of the glass.

If you find that you are running out of wrapping materials, you can wrap two items the same size together. Cover the first glass with bubble wrap then place the other one next to it and continue wrapping.

Mark the box with what it contains and add the message such as “Fragile Glass”, which will alert the moving team to take extra care when handling.

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