How to pack fragile items, bulky pieces, and valuables for a house move

Packing fragile items, bulky pieces, and valuables for a house move can be daunting, but with the right approach and techniques, it can be done without any damage or loss.

Packing fragile items

Use sturdy boxes and wrap each item individually with bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent any scratches or damage. Layer the bottom of the box with soft material, before fill the empty spaces in the box with packing paper or air-filled packing materials to prevent movement. After packing a box, gently shake it to make sure that nothing moves.

Label each box with “fragile” in big letters to ensure that it is handled with care by the removal company during the move. Alternately buy labels or tape from a stationery store that have the word ‘fragile’ written in large red letters.

It’s a good idea to put glasses, plates, cups, and other ceramics in small boxes that have little extra space to move around. Hollow items such as cups should be packed inside with paper kitchen towels or torn newspapers.

For glasses, you can purchase special boxes with dividers to avoid broken glass.

Don’t use flimsy boxes that could fall apart with heavy loads. Use sturdy boxes and secure them closed with packing tape. Secure the bottom of the boxes with more than one strip of tape. Make sure the boxes are kept the right way up at all times.

Wrap mirrors and pictures individually in bubble wrap or blankets, Layer foam over large mirrors or frames and secure them with packing tape for extra protection.

Lampshades are best transported in boxes. Lift fabric shades by the wire rim and if possible, stack several of them together.

Label each box with “fragile” and “this side up” to ensure that it is handled with care during the move.

Packing Bulky Pieces

Whenever possible, disassemble bulky items such as beds, desks and shelves to make them easier to move and pack. After disassembling, keep all the hardware and screws that have been removed in labelled plastic bags and tape them to the furniture piece they belong to,
Wrap the disassembled furniture pieces with furniture pads or moving blankets to prevent any scratches or damages. Use a dolly or hand truck to move heavy and bulky items.

Electronics such as TVs, computers, and speakers require special attention when packing. Use the original packaging if possible. Remove any cables and wrap them separately. Wrap each item with bubble wrap or foam padding to prevent any scratches or damages.

The screens of televisions and monitors are particularly fragile so require particular care when wrapping to prevent cracks or scratches.

Mattresses are awkward to move and can easily become dirty. You can purchase mattress storage bags to protect them whilst moving. Alternately cover both sides of the mattress with fitted sheets to protect them and wash the sheets after the mattress has arrived.

Remove ice trays from fridges and tape the door shut.

Make sure that the dishwasher is empty and drained. Pack the lower racks separately.

For power tools, remove any detachable parts. Use rags or bubble wrap for any sharp edges. Put power tools in their boxes and make sure they are securely closed, fastening with tape if necessary.

Before moving petrol lawnmowers, drain the oil and petrol into specialist containers to avoid spilling when transporting.

Packing Valuables

If possible, carry your valuables with you instead of packing them with the other items. At the least, take small valuable items such as jewellery and coins with you.

Always use strong boxes to hold precious items to ensure their safety.

Make a list of all the valuables and keep it with you for reference during the move. Consider buying insurance coverage for your valuable items during the move. Your removal company should be able to arrange this for you.

Valuable fragile ornaments need carefully wrapping in bubble wrap and secured with tape.

Silver, gold and other metal items are fairly sturdy but could get scratched or dented so still need protection.

Take your time

When packing fragile, valuable or bulky items, take your time. Don’t leave packing to the last minute before the removal van arrives. Slow and careful packing makes sure that items are fully protected before moving.

Leave it to the experts

By following these tips, you can ensure that your fragile items, bulky pieces, and valuables are packed and moved safely to your new home.

If you would rather not pack yourself, then let the experts do it for you. Merseyside Movers & Storers is an experienced Liverpool removal company. We have an expert team with the materials and tools to carefully pack all your valuable, fragile and bulky items and safely take them to your new home. We also move bulky and valuable items such as safes, IT equipment and desks during office relocations.