How to pack like the experts

To ensure the safe arrival of your belongings during a move, it is essential to adopt the packing methods employed by professional packers.

Begin by acquiring appropriate packing materials, given that books, clothes, jewellery and electronic devices will require boxes of different sizes. Try to avoid wasting money by overspending on boxes, but don’t underestimate your needs. Use strong packing tape to secure boxes and prevent them from opening during transit. Broad black marker pens can be used to label each box clearly for its intended room. To safeguard fragile items, wrap them in bubble wrap, soft towels or even old T-shirts.

Consider the order in which you pack your possessions carefully. By breaking down the process into stages, you can avoid becoming overwhelmed by attempting to pack everything at once. Non-seasonal clothing may be packed early, along with books you’re not currently reading, but still wish to keep. The last items to be packed should include vital documents, kept in a secure place, along with a moving kit for pets.

Ensure that you have an “open first” box containing all the essentials required for day one at your new home, which is readily accessible upon arrival.

If you find packing stressful or dislike doing it yourself, consider outsourcing this task entirely. For those looking for a Liverpool, St Helens, Allerton or Formby removal company, we at Merseyside Movers are your local heavy safe movers. We specialise in professional and safe packing of all our clients’ belongings, ensuring they arrive perfectly intact at their destination.