Is a professional storage solution best?

If you need to free up space in the workplace or at home, removing items and placing them in storage facilities is a good option. While you could ask friends or relatives to store things for you to save on storage costs, it’s not the most reliable option.

In the USA, there is a company that is applying an Airbnb business model to storage. This matches people who need storage with those who have spare space to store things. While this idea is fine in theory, there are two serious issues to consider – security and insurance.

A standard home insurance policy is unlikely to cover items not belonging to a member of the household. While a policy may cover the possessions of guests temporarily staying at the home, it may not cover items left for storage.

Compared to a professional storage service, most homes have poor security systems. This makes it risky to store valuable items on someone else’s property.

Another advantage of professional storage services is accessibility. You can easily access your goods at convenient times, without having to wait for your friends or family to arrive home from work.

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