Key factors to consider when relocating offices

As a business expands, moving to larger premises may become necessary. Although the process of relocating can be complex and overwhelming, proper preparation can ensure a seamless transition.

Firstly, compile an inventory of all activities required for the move and assign each task a deadline. This outline serves as your relocation plan which should be communicated with key personnel.

Involve all employees in the relocation process by discussing how it affects them, especially if some staff will have to travel further from home to work due to the new location. Seek their input regarding office design and amenities they would like included. Additionally, ensure that the new office layout is accessible for any disabled employees.

It’s advisable to appoint an office relocation manager who oversees practical aspects on moving day such as liaising with removal companies to ensure safe and timely transportation of essential items. He or she should make sure that broadband and phone connections are functional and security systems are operational. The relocation manager makes sure that all equipment is insured during the move and when it arrives at the new offices. A few days before the move, they should make a final check at the new offices that everything is ready for moving day.

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