Looking after your body when carrying moving items

When moving home, you may be tempted to save money by transporting your belongings yourself. However, you should bear in mind that packed boxes and furniture can be very heavy and result in musculoskeletal injuries that are excruciating and require several weeks for recovery.

There are ways to lift heavy objects safely. Before lifting anything, ensure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Next, squat down close to the item and gradually lift it while keeping your back as straight as possible. Avoid bending forward while lifting.

While carrying a bulky box, hold it near your body. When changing direction, rotate your feet in small slow steps without twisting your body. If you need to load a heavy object into a van, avoid hoisting it above shoulder level. Instead, use a van with a tail lift.

To put down a heavy box, carefully squat using knees and hips.

If you carry large items that obstruct your view when moving them around corners or through doorways, ensure that the route is clear before proceeding further. It’s advisable always to seek help when carrying significant loads. If you cannot carry an item on your own, push or pull it where feasible.

Very large items such as pianos or safes require specialized equipment and multiple people’s assistance during transportation – do not attempt this yourself!

The safest option of all is to not lift heavy or dangerous items yourself, instead leaving them to professionals. For Merseyside, Allerton, St Helens and Formby removals, let Merseyside Movers & Storers’ experienced team do all the heavy lifting work for you.