Renters name their priorities when moving home

A survey conducted by Smart Energy GB asked 1,000 renters aged between 18 and 35 about their priorities when moving home.

A significant proportion of tenants, around a quarter, stated that setting up broadband on the day of the move is one of their first tasks. Following this, they focus on sorting utilities and updating their address with banks and other high-priority accounts. Registering with a new GP and dentist is also considered very important.

Cleaning the new home is an obligation that tenants don’t particularly enjoy but feel compelled to do, nonetheless. Over 80% of respondents expressed interest in having a smart meter installed in their new home to monitor energy usage and avoid having to read meters manually.

While visiting local pubs or takeaways may not be at the top of most people’s priority list immediately after moving into a new place, many are eager to explore nearby hospitality venues.

When searching for rental properties, monthly cost takes precedence over most other factors, followed closely by safety concerns within the area. Proximity to work is also deemed crucial by many prospective renters.

Compared to homeowners, renters typically have fewer belongings when relocating into rented accommodation. However, it’s still advisable to utilize professional removals services for safe transportation of your items. For those seeking reliable St Helens removals, look no further than Merseyside Movers & Storers. We’ll be happy to help you out to prevent you from worrying during your move.