Six reasons for businesses to use self-storage

Self-storage is not solely for individuals, but also a common choice for businesses. Below are six of the many reasons why businesses rely on self-storage.

1. Additional stock storage

If a business sells products, there may be times when more space is required for storing stock. Self-storage provides flexibility as the space can be rented for short or long periods of time.

2. Equipment and furniture during office relocation

Office relocation often takes more than one phase to complete. Self-storage can serve as a solution during a transitional phase by providing secure equipment and furniture storage until the new office has been organized.

3. Downsizing

Streamlining operations often results in less needed office space and equipment. Surplus equipment and furniture can easily be stored with access available whenever necessary.

4. Seasonal stock

Many companies have seasonal stock that they only require once per year, so storing these items away in self-storage facilities until needed makes sense.

5. Document preservation

While much information is now stored digitally, most businesses still need some physical documents that necessitate secure archiving offsite, freeing up valuable office workspace.

6. Bulky machinery and tools

Large machinery and tools need safekeeping too. Businesses possessing specialist large machinery and tools that are only occasionally required can safely store them securely until needed

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