Supporting staff during an office move

Relocating a business office can lead to fresh opportunities and growth, but it can also impact staff who may not welcome the change.

There are several ways to support your staff in this instance, so they feel more positive about the move.

Firstly, discuss with staff potential issues involving the move, and include them in the moving plans.

Discuss transport issues and how to get to the new office by car, bicycle or public transport. Focus on how this affects commuting journey times and childcare arrangements.

If moving a long way from the existing office, some staff will have to consider if they are prepared to move home. The management and HR team should listen to staff issues about moving, and how they can be helped with relocation expenses if required. Some staff may want to leave, and should be supported in their decision.

It’s a good idea to involve staff in the design process of the new office. Let them express ideas on décor styles and colour schemes. Before the move, invite employees to visit the new office to see how their working conditions will improve in a better building.

After the move, management should show appreciation for employee cooperation in the process. This could be in the form of a staff meal, organised drinks or a gift from the company.

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