Tips for moving when downsizing

According to a survey conducted by Quickmove Properties, one-third (33%) of individuals who are moving home have made the decision to downsize. If you are planning on relocating to a smaller home, it is highly likely that you will not have enough room for all your possessions. It is therefore time to create an inventory of what you actually require.

Begin by scrutinising each room and determining which furniture pieces are unnecessary. Then take three boxes and label them as “Keep”, “Unwanted” and “Storage.” Next, sort through all your belongings in the room. Any item that is useful should be placed inside the keep box, while those items you no longer need should go in the unwanted box. Sentimental items, seasonal decorations and things not often required can be sorted into the storage box.

For documents that aren’t vital but still need preserving for record-keeping purposes, you may find it easier to take photos of them, rather than having loose copies. Any other documents can be shredded.

Plan ahead so you do not feel overwhelmed in the lead up to moving day. Work on one room at a time gradually until completed.

To dispose of unwanted items, give them away to friends or donate them to charity shops. Broken or worn-out goods can be taken to local recycling centres. Let go of any furniture pieces unsuitable for your new home.

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