Use storage solutions when decluttering your home

Studies have shown that maintaining a clean and organized home can significantly improve mental well-being. Many homes become cluttered due to an accumulation of possessions over time. If you find yourself struggling to part with your belongings while attempting to declutter, consider incorporating a storage facility into your organization plans.

Decluttering can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if there is a great deal of clutter. To make the process more manageable, begin by breaking it down into smaller tasks. Start in the kitchen, where items with less emotional attachment are likely to be found which can easily disposed of if unnecessary.

Next, work through each room or area individually and sort possessions into three categories: those frequently used and valued; low-value items not necessary for daily life; and valuable but infrequently used items.

For clothing, try on each item before deciding which category it belongs in. Once every room has been sorted, clean the home before determining places for storing items you wish to keep. This may involve acquiring additional shelves or cupboards as needed.

Items no longer wanted should either be given away or donated to charity shops for others who may find them useful. Worn or broken items may be best thrown away entirely.

Infrequently used but still valued possessions can be placed in secure storage. For Liverpool and St Helens storage, contact us at Merseyside Movers & Storers. We’ll pick up your possessions until they are needed again. In the meantime, enjoy your clean and tidy home!