Why moving books doesn’t have to be stressful

Books are important to many people. However, when it comes to moving homes, books can become an unfriendly mass of heavy, dusty and difficult-to-transport objects. With some careful strategies, moving a large book collection can be less painful and stressful.

The first step is doing this is to get heavy-duty cardboard boxes. These can’t be too large, but must be big enough to carry several books without causing back strain when lifted by one person. Estimate how many boxes you need and then add a few more for insurance, as most people underestimate their needs. If there’s any space left in a box after filling it with books, pack it with crumpled paper to prevent books from sliding around.

Before moving, it is a good time to consider a book cull. Give away, sell or donate books that you do not absolutely need. This allows you to share your love of books with others who will enjoy reading them. There are several commercial book buyers, but don’t expect them to pay a fortune for them.

At Merseyside Movers, we appreciate and understand the love that many people have and want to hold on to when moving home. Let us take care of your books and bookcases. We’ll transport them safely to their new home ready for you to unpack and carefully organize your book collection on your bookshelves. If you doubt your packing skills, we can pack your books for you. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help.