Why you should avoid moving a piano by yourself

Moving a piano is not an easy task, and requires at least two people due to its immense weight. Even with assistance, there are compelling reasons why you should always avoid moving a piano by yourself.

Firstly, without the necessary expertise and equipment, you risk injuring yourself. It takes only a slight mistake for the piano to slip out of your grasp, particularly on stairways. Additionally, lifting the instrument improperly can cause severe back injuries.

It would be unwise to rent a standard transit size van for transporting the piano as it lacks specialised lifts suitable for heavy loads. These vans are not equipped for large pianos that require strapping in and padding, and as a result, they may become damaged during transit. Although attempting this move by yourself may save money initially, any damage done to the strings, pins or legs of the instrument will result in more a significant expense later.

Moving a piano can be quite an inconvenience if you do not possess professional experience in doing so. Pianos can be wonderful additions to any home, and should be treated with care. Therefore, it is best left to the experts when wishing to relocate them from one place to another.

At Merseyside Movers, we have experienced piano movers who specialise in handling pianos of all sizes. We transport them safely and securely in specialist vehicles, with tail lifts and sophisticated equipment designed specifically for this purpose. We are also fully insured, giving you peace of mind throughout the moving process.