Liverpool Storage Company

Moving a Grand Piano out of a House in Liverpool - Liverpool Storage CompanyMerseyside Movers can provide long or short term storage. Serving the whole of Merseyside and Knowsley

We can even collect for free for long term storage: subject to conditions

Who in the right mind wants to be lugging their furniture and valuable belongings down long corridors on a wobbly wheeled trolly that never goes in the direction you want it to go, in and out a lift, sharing with dozens of people which let’s be honest, if you get a room on the second or third floor at the very back of a massive warehouse, your whole day could be taken up just putting a few items into storage.

Nice and easy here at Merseyside Movers: Liverpool storage company

Bringing your goods into storage here at Merseyside Movers is a much easier task. We simply bring your storage container to your vehicle, you load the container yourself, we can provide you with protective blankets to protect your goods. We then close the door and put the container away safe in our secure warehouse.

Or you can hire one of our professional removal teams to do all the lugging for you.

Our fully trained staff can come to your property, carefully wrap and pack your valuable belongings into storage container’s outside your property and drive the containers back to our secure warehouse here in Knowsley. Your container will be fork lifted off our vehicle and put away until you request delivery.

How easy does that sound compared to wobbly trolley warehouse

Can I have access to my goods like a self storage warehouse?

Yes you can, we just require a couple of days notice to get your container down, then no problem at all. You can access the container yourself at no cost or even hire a porter to assist you for a small handling charge.

Insurance options

We can provide full insurance cover for the whole time we have your furniture and belonging in our warehouse. Please ask a member of staff when booking in.

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To give you an idea of how much space you require

1 container will hold 80 medium boxes approx!
2 containers will hold content of a bedsitter, studio or one bed flat
3 container will hold contents of one Transit size van load
4 containers would store the contents of a 3 bedroom house

Loading your self-store container

Your storage units are placed by forklift in the specialist loading area where you can reverse your car or van right up to them, making it easy to transport your possessions quickly and safely.

Protective blankets and card are provided for your use and our staff are on hand to advise on the best way to load your containers and make the most of your space.

When you have filled and secured your storage units they are moved from the loading area and placed in the warehouse zone using a forklift truck.