Man with a van in Liverpool

Establishing a man with a van business in Liverpool is relatively easy and financially accessible. Simply get yourself a van, prepare your equipment ready to do your job, find some clients and you are good to go. There is no requirement for prior experience or qualifications for relocation services, nor the need to hire moving staff or administrative personnel.

Should you use the services of a man with a van in Liverpool?

A man with a van business typically handles smaller-scale moving tasks compared to a removal company. This option may be suitable if you only need to move one or two smaller items. However, if you are relocating from a larger residence, multiple trips may be necessary as the capacity of a smaller van is insufficient for carrying all your belongings at once.

Cost and benefits

While a man with a van may offer lower rates, it is highly recommended to invest in the added benefits of hiring a professional removal company. Such companies boast an expert team of movers equipped with specialized tools and materials for optimal service.

Additionally, their larger vans are fitted with motorized tail lifts that simplify the loading process of heavy furniture items. Accredited by reputable industry associations like Move Assured, these companies guarantee quality workmanship and reliability. Furthermore, they provide full insurance coverage for all your belongings during transit.

Transporting pianos, safes, and heavy equipment

Transporting heavy items such as pianos and safes requires specialized knowledge and equipment to avoid injury or damage. Inexperienced movers are not equipped for this task. The use of a van with a motorized tail lift is necessary for safe transportation while securing the item inside the vehicle prevents it from shifting when navigating turns. It is unlikely that a man with a van business can safely transport heavy items without proper expertise and equipment.

Beyond transportation

While a man with his van may only offer basic transportation services, removal companies offer so much more. They will send an expert to assess the number of items needing relocation, ensuring that an appropriately sized vehicle is provided. Additionally, for those who prefer not to handle their own packing, professional packing service are offered.

Merseyside Movers & Storers provides a storage service, We offer the convenience of storing any valuable items that are not immediately required at the new location until they are needed.

One man band

Many man with a van businesses are run by a single proprietor, which may result in the absence of additional staff to assist with moving. In such cases, customers may be expected to lend a hand in carrying bulky items that require two people or disassembling furniture prior to the arrival of the van. While this approach can save money, it also adds significant stress during an already challenging time. Opting for an experienced packing and moving team with a larger vehicle can alleviate this burden.

Moving overseas

Often, a proficient removals firm will ensure that all legal formalities and documentation involved in moving beyond UK borders are handled. A driving team is capable of covering long distances, allowing one driver to rest while the other takes over.


Why choose a man with a van company?

If you possess numerous bulky items, you may find yourself requiring the support an expert removals or man with a van company. A solitary individual with a van may not have additional personnel at their disposal. A removal company will evaluate how many staff members are required for the task.

A high-quality professional removals company will be able to do everything for you, including packing up, loading and unloading the van. This allows you to focus on the many other jobs that need doing on moving day.

How many trips do you need?

If the number of items exceeds the van’s capacity, some man with a van enterprises will be required to make multiple trips. However, a top-level removal company will be able to dispatch either one sizeable van or several vans if the quantity of goods is substantial.

If cost-saving is a priority over the additional assistance and services provided by professional removal companies, then it may be worthwhile to consider engaging the services of a singular man with a van. However, for the most efficient, reliable and secure job possible, an industry-leading removals team will be able to get the job done to the highest standard. The difference in expenses between hiring a singular van with a man business rather than a removals company may not necessarily be significant.

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