Five things to do before a long-distance move

Moving to a new home far away presents several unique challenges. In this blog, we’ll be taking at look at five important things you should consider doing before taking on the challenge.

1. Plan early

It’s crucial to plan the details of the move as early as possible. The first thing to do is book a removal company in Merseyside or another area of the nation, which usually requires a decent notice for long-distance moves. Then, make a detailed checklist for everything you need to do for the move.

2. Declutter

The less there is to move, hopefully the less the move will cost. Declutter by getting rid of as many useless items as you can. Consider each possession and decide whether you really need to keep it.

3. Pack carefully

If you are not sure that everything that needs to be moved will fit in the removal van, consider optimising your packing process so that there is no wasted space. You may be able to dismantle some furniture and appliances so that they take up less room.

4. Tell everyone your new address

Make sure that everyone you know is given your new address. If you have an Amazon account, be sure to change the address. You don’t want orders to arrive at your old home.

5. Plan the journey

If travelling by car, you may be on busy roads for several hours. Be sure to take plenty of refreshments, supplies and entertainment to help you along the way.

Merseyside Movers are experts at long distance moving. Speak to our helpful team today t if you need more advice on planning your move.