How secure are storage facilities?

Storage facilities are a great solution for securely storing excess belongings, but their level of security is often questioned. The straightforward answer is that a reputable storage company provides sturdy units with heightened security measures.

The primary concern is preventing theft, which can be achieved using high-tech security cameras and alarms to deter criminals and detect any suspicious activity, while only allowing authorized personnel access to storage areas.

Fire safety precautions must be in place to counteract potential fire causes, such as electrical faults or carelessly discarded cigarettes. This requires regular safety inspections, along with fire detection and prevention systems in place at all times.

With extreme weather conditions becoming more common in the UK, it’s essential that storage facilities have proper structural integrity along with being waterproof, well-ventilated, dry, and clean.

Insects, rodents and other pests are also a risk when using these facilities. Storage companies implement cleanliness strategies alongside pest control measures to prevent them from entering the storage area.

There are specific restrictions on items considered a risk in storage spaces, like plants, hazardous chemicals, flammable liquids and decomposable foodstuff. Obviously, illegal goods including drugs or firearms are prohibited by law.

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