How to deal with heavy item removals

Moving heavy items can be difficult and even dangerous, especially if you are without specialist knowledge and equipment. That’s why it’s often considered to be best left to professional removers.

Heavy items, even if they are not very large, are tricky to move. Pianos, safes, snooker tables and other heavy items require careful planning to move without damage and injuries.

Some heavy items, such as beds and gym equipment, can be disassembled to make them easier to carry.

Removal firms have specialized equipment, including moving straps, dollies, blankets, and ramps, to help move heavy and bulky items. A dolly is a wheeled flat cart that helps transport heavy items. Blankets protect pianos and furniture from being scratched and damaged. Ramps help load heavy items into the removal van, or a high load van hoist may be used.

Professional piano and heavy safe movers are trained on safe ways to handle heavy items. They wear protective clothing, including gloves and safety boots, to keep their hands and toes safe.

It is not recommended that you move heavy items yourself. Always hire professionals who have the equipment and training to move heavy items safely and efficiently. They should also be insured in the very unlikely event that items are damaged during the move.

If you need heavy items moved, call our team at Merseyside Movers. With twenty years of experience, we can safely move all types of items, from small, light and fragile ones to large, heavy and awkward ones.