How to move plants safely to a new home

Many households love filling their homes with beautiful indoor plants, but how do you transport your plants without damaging them when moving? In this blog, we’ll be answering this question.

Before packing plants, carefully remove any dead or dry leaves, and be sure to prune indoor shrub branches. Check all pots for damage or cracks and re-pot plants from damaged pots to undamaged ones. For plants in fragile ceramic pots, you can re-pot them in plastic pots until they reach your new home. Shortly before packing, water any plants that need it.

Wrap larger plants in packing paper that forms a cylinder. Don’t pack them too tight as they need access to plenty of air when they are being transported. Put the plants in boxes and use packing paper or bubble wrap between pots so that they don’t move during transit. For tall plants that stick out of the box, put tape around the stem and stick them to the side of the box so that they won’t fall over.

Small potted plants can be packed in a box together which can be sealed shut, but put several holes in the box to allow air to flow inside. Cacti can be removed from pots and wrapped in packing paper.

When the plants arrive at their new home, clean them with a damp cloth if they have accumulated dust on the journey.

For house removals in Liverpool, consult with us at Merseyside Movers & Storers about your plants. We’ll use our expertise to make sure they arrive safely at your new home.