How to securely transport a heavy safe

Although many businesses now store sensitive documents on the cloud, there are still valuable items and paper documents that companies prefer to store physically in safes. When moving locations, it is necessary to transport these safes carefully.

A heavy-duty safe can weigh anywhere from 500 to 800 pounds, which poses a significant challenge for transportation. Before attempting to move the safe, it is important to evaluate whether or not it is still needed. If the contents only fill up to half of the safe’s capacity, consider purchasing a smaller and lighter alternative instead. If you do not regularly require access to the contents in your safe, storing them in a secure facility may be preferable.

If you decide that transporting your existing safe is necessary, begin by emptying its contents entirely. This will reduce its weight and prevent any damage during transportation. Ensure that the door is properly closed before beginning the move, as an open heavy door could cause severe damage.

Even if you have access to heavy-duty moving equipment, moving a large safe can be dangerous. It is recommended, therefore, to employ the skills of an experienced team. At Merseyside Movers & Storers, we have a team of specialist heavy safe movers who know how to transport safes efficiently.

Alternatively, we provide storage for your valuables in our secure facilities. We also move home safes.

Before our removals team arrive at your location, make sure you plan an exit strategy and ensure that nothing is blocking the exit path.