Signs that say it’s time to move offices

During the pandemic and beyond, many budding entrepreneurs started home-based businesses. As a business expands, there comes a time to lease office space. In this blog, we’ve listed some key indications that signify when it is time to move.

You need full-time staff

Initially, most home-based enterprises are operated by their owner alone. When additional assistance becomes necessary, part-time workers or freelancers can be recruited. Eventually, full-time employees will be required. For regular in-person interaction, it helps to work from the same physical location.

Projects are getting larger

As projects increase in scope and complexity, meeting rooms as well as additional desks and storage spaces are required.

You’re working away from home

If the household is busy with noisy children or boisterous pets, work-at-home business owners may seek refuge in nearby coffee shops for peace and quiet. If you find yourself spending more time working away from your home office, it might be time to consider renting office space.

Financial stability

Many people who operate from home want to relocate their workspace, but can’t afford the rental fees for outside office space. As revenue increases due to growing business activities, you can move into an office as soon as it’s financially affordable.


The process of moving offices is complex and can be stressful with so much to organise, which is why many business owners resist moving.

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