Six important but unofficial rules of packing

Moving home can be hectic, so it’s important to take your time packing your belongings. If you’re looking for an effective moving guide to help you out, follow these seven rules of packing to ensure your possessions arrive safely.

1. Buy more packing materials than you think you need

Don’t underestimate how much ‘stuff’ you need for packing. Obtain plenty of boxes in varied sizes, packing tape, blankets, bubble wrap, paper and more.

2. Don’t make boxes too heavy

Make sure that boxes do not exceed 30 pounds. For instance, avoid packing cardboard boxes with lots of heavy books. Heavy boxes may collapse and cause strain on your and the removal team’s backs when lifting.

3. Don’t leave gaps

If boxes are not full and there are gaps between objects, they will rattle around when moving. Use old newspapers, bubble wrap, towels or rags to fill in the gaps.

4. Label every box

Put a label on each box with a description of its contents and the room where it should go.

5. Use double wall boxes for heavy items

Double wall cardboard boxes are stronger and better suited for heavy items.

6. Put small packages in a larger box

Small items, such as jewellery, should be packed into a small package, and then placed with similar packages in a larger box.

For advice on packing for house removals in Liverpool or beyond, talk to us at Merseyside Removals. If you don’t want to pack items yourself, we can do it for you.