Tips for remote workers moving home

Relocating to a new home can be a daunting experience, especially for those who work from home. There is the additional stress of ensuring minimal disruption to the work routine.

Most employers allow employees a day off during the move, though if the home worker is ready to resume work immediately after that, there might be no access to broadband. According to a Uswitc survey, moving home results in an average of 7.2 days without internet connectivity, even when transferring an existing broadband account. To mitigate this issue, mobile broadband is a viable solution. Though most mobile phone plans offer internet access, it may prove insufficient for extended periods of remote working. Extra data can be bought if necessary.

Backing up all essential documents on cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive provides added security if a laptop is damaged during the move.

If you have the luxury of taking a few days off before resuming your job, consider using an auto-responder system that notifies anyone attempting to contact you via email about your temporary unavailability.

When packing items for transport during relocation, office tools like pens and notebooks should be packed separately in boxes that will accompany you rather than being loaded onto removal vans with other household items.

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