Tips for successfully moving offices to a new location

Relocating business offices to a new location can be a daunting task. However, with careful and detailed planning, the moving process can go smoothly.

There are several reasons why businesses move, such as lowering costs, accessing new markets or improving the employee experience. It’s important to plan the move carefully with these reasons in mind.

First, find a reliable removals firm and book them well in advance. Discuss the move timetable with them to determine if it can be done in one day or if it’s better to move items over in stages.

It’s helpful to involve all employees in the relocation process and keep them in the loop about the removal plans. Talk to them about their concerns and find out if they’re happy to commute to the new offices. You may also want to discuss parking and accessibility options.

It’s important to keep everyone informed about the move. A business is legally required to notify Companies House, local authorities and HMRC of a change of business address. Everyone who interacts with the company, including suppliers and customers, needs to be told well in advance about the move.

Arrange for utilities to be cut off in the existing premises and turned on in the new location. Before moving, it may be a suitable time to negotiate new contracts for telecom, energy, broadband and cleaning. Make sure that the new building is fully insured.

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