Why you need to clean your home before moving

Moving home can be exciting, exhausting and stressful. Whilst the focus is on getting things safely to your new home and then organising them, consideration should also be given to leaving your current home in a good clean and tidy state. In this blog, we’ll be exploring why and how you should go about doing this.

Before packing for the move, think carefully about what you need to keep. Throw away, sell or gift items that you no longer need. You could also leave some things for the new occupiers of your home, as long as they are in good condition.

In the process of packing ready for the move, the home will probably look untidy. When the packing is complete, tidy up. Remove and dispose of all packing materials. If possible, put all the boxes and as much of the furniture as practically possible in one room before cleaning the home.

Either clean the home yourself, or hire a professional cleaning business to do the job for you. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom, which tend to accumulate the most grime. Don’t forget the windows, which should be cleaned both inside and outside.

Shortly before you leave the home, take a final walkthrough to make sure that nothing has been left behind and all waste has been disposed of. The new occupiers of your home will thank you.

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