Packing For A Move

Packing is a very important part of your move which a lot of people under estimate in both time to do the pack and the amount of materials required to pack all your precious belongings safe from damage.

If you choose to let us pack your goods, we usually send a packing team in the day before your move.

The Complete Packing Service

They will spend the day preparing all that they can and make ready your goods to be loaded into the removal vehicle the following morning.

If it is a distance job then the house will be packed and loaded the day before completely in order to set off early the following morning. Your goods will be left overnight in the truck in our secure warehouse.

Owner packed boxes are not covered under our, or any other removal companies insurance so if you do your own packing, please make sure you have wrapped your fragile, delicate items in enough protective wrapping/ bubble wrap to ensure they will still be in one piece when you unpack.

If you decide to do your own packing, Merseyside Movers can supply all the materials you’ll need at very competitive prices.